I asked my home builders to use certified domestic stainless steel rebar tie wire

When you’ve had experience with disappointment buying imported products, you tend to go out of your way to purchase things that are certified domestic or American made.

I am a part time musician in a jazz band where I play guitar. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing imported guitars on the market, but most of them are in the mid range or low end for guitar quality. Once you get into high quality foreign made guitars, you’re suddenly in the price range of something comparable that is made within this country and doesn’t need to be imported. Since I’m a part time musician, I’d rather throw that kind of money behind an American made or certified domestic instrument over and above something from southeast Asia that had to be shipped over on a large freighter. So when it came time to start planning the construction of my brand new home, I knew that I wanted mosted certified domestic parts and supplies for the project. I didn’t want a house that would slowly fall apart over the years; instead, I wanted something like the houses that used to be built in this country years ago when they had no choice but to use certified domestic parts and supplies. I was adamant that the concrete be american made, as well as the stainless steel rebar tie wire used to reinforce it. The building contractor tried to tell me that the stainless steel rebar tie wire was overboard for our purposes, but I didn’t care. Even if I don’t have a coastal property, I still want to know that my concrete structure is reinforced with corrosion resistant rebar tie wire. Using black bar rebar tie wire is a gamble when you’re dealing with moisture exposure.


16g black annealed rebar tie wire