I called someone else for help

I took over for my dad, when he got sick and no longer had the energy to go to work every day.

My dad was strong for years and then cancer hit him like a ton of bricks.

It put him down hard and I suddenly had to be in charge of the entire company. I was only 28 and still didn’t know everything about the business. Luckily, my dad hired some great employees that wanted to teach me everything I needed to know. About a month after I took over, I noticed the prices we were paying on supplies. I wondered when the last time was that my dad shopped around for prices on the supplies that we use regularly. We use a lot of rebar and rebar tie wire. These items are important for shaping concrete structures like pools, driveways and sidewalks. I contacted the company and spoke with a customer service representative. I wanted to speak with someone in charge about my prices. I got the email address for the company spokesperson. The next day I contacted a different metal company that supplies rebar and rebar tie wire. I had much better customer service from that place. They put me on the phone with a lead sales man that wanted to know my needs and my current supply numbers. When the guy found out that we were going to spend a lot of money on rebar and rebar tie wire, he happily offered me a huge business discount. Their products were just as good as their commitment to price and service.
18 gauge double loop ties