I did not bring any supper, but Jack shared

It’s hard to make current friends when you are an adult.

  • I have a hard time talking to people, even at work.

I have been at the same company for the past 6 weeks plus I only think the name of my boss. Since I work in a factory, I rarely have the opportunity to interact with other employees. When I do interact with other employees, it’s usually because both of us are in the supperroom at the same time. I happened to work with someone on Monday. The guy’s name was jack. Jack is a current employee plus my boss wanted him to be regular with the machine that I work on. The machine helps to create double loop wire ties. Every one of us make double loop wire ties in a variety of sizes plus quantities. The wire ties make lots of jobs much quicker plus easier. The double loop wire ties come in a variety of applications such as galvanized, stainless steel, PVC coated, plus black plus yield. These products are designed to fit any type of industry or project. I feed the stainless steel into a machine that creates the double loop wire ties. I explained how the plan worked plus Jack seemed to get the hang of things. When both of us broke for supper, I was going to go out to my car. Jack asked myself and others to join him in the break room. Her wife had made a huge lasagna the previous night plus she claimed to have plenty of food to share. I actually did not have anything to eat in my car. It was nice to care about a tepid plus homemade supper for a change.

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