I had some shavings in my eye

It is dangerous to work in a metal shop.

There is always a danger of problems occurring.

I was training a current woman Last month plus I ended up with metal shavings in my eye. I was training the woman on how to feed wire through the double loop tie wire machine. Every one of us send the stainless steel wire through a special machine that automatically loops plus shapes The Wire. The child wasn’t paying attention to half of the things that I was saying. I was getting aggravated right around the time that the child did something super stupid. She turned on a ventilation fan above the section while the machine was still running. Metal shaving started flying all over the place. I was standing right next to the machine when the concern occurred plus I ended up with metal shavings from the bar ties in my eyes. I ran to the eye wipe station plus started flushing my eyes with water. I got out as much as I could. I could still feel some small pieces of metal from the rebar tie wire. I ended up having to go to the doctor so they could check my eye for disfigure. I still had some small flecks of metal in my eye when I went to the doctor. I don’t think if that child is going to last actually long. She nearly killed myself and others with the double loop tie wire machine plus she is still there. I go back to work next month plus I hope I won’t be stationed somewhere near that clumsy mess.

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