Jacksonville real estate prices are climbing

My Dad plus dad own a couple of pieces of home in Jacksonville.

None of the properties are located downtown; Right now those properties are just used for parking.

The parking areas make a good amount of money, but I see a lot more potential for those areas. My Dad plus dad want to keep the flow of money simple plus using the areas for parking is easy money to make. I sat down with my Dad plus dad plus showed them how Jacksonville real estate prices are climbing. Right now there are a lot of people that are looking to buy real estate in Jacksonville plus we have some prime locations. My associate and I have the properties that are located downtown, plus two houses that we bought for money on the west side. I have a property on the southside of Jacksonville plus my Dad plus dad live in Ponte Vedra. My associate and I have properties all over the area. When the price of real estate in Jacksonville is on the rise, I feel it’s the perfect time to choose a couple more properties. There was a stadium located by the river that was decimated by the last hurricane. It has been on the market for a long time. In the last 2 years the price of the property has dropped below the rest of the properties. I would like to use the home located downtown to secure a loan for the home by the river. I’m waiting for the right time to talk to my parents about the proposal. I hope they will see the value in the property.


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