Property value increases

When my husband and I decided to spend our winters down south, we began house hunting.

We took the motorcycle, mapped the area we were most interested in and visited dozens of properties on the market.

Sometimes we simply drove by to get a feel of the location and other times we enlisted the assistance of a real estate agent. With a limited budget, we toured lots of homes in terrible condition. My husband and I were fine with tackling renovations. We were looking for a house with a decent amount of property and good structure. We found our perfect little house in a rural area of a small town. We have enough of a lawn to feel private but not so much that mowing and gardening take up all of our time. We have a lovely patio in front, big windows that bring in light and a lanai built onto the back of the house. One of our favorite features was the dry lake bed at the rear of the property. There were several acres of pure white sand and the assurance that no one could build directly behind us. We were told that a few years before, there was a gorgeous lake in that spot. We bought the house and for the next several years, spent our winter months fixing it up. We remodeled the kitchen and both of the bathrooms. We painted, replaced windows and put down new flooring. On our fourth winter in the south, we arrived and discovered a lake behind our house. There was all of a sudden enough water to paddle kayaks, swim and fish. We saw people riding jet skis and driving boats. Our property value has doubled.
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