Selling my Jax divorce home quick

I didn’t split the repairs and that was a big beef between us.

My ex and I have finally finished separating. It was a nightmare deciding who gets what. Every little thing was hashed over with our lawyers present. Everyday I used my lawyer and there was more money wasted. Everytime my ex-wife rambled on I started thinking about how much I am paying for her to monologue. My goal was to keep everything as streamlined and efficient as possible. I just wanted to get things moving. I looked around and I found a Jax home buyer that does cash deals. I already had foreseen our house being a big source of contention between us. Of course we both put in money for it. Of course both our names were on it. We agreed that deciding who to live in it wouldn’t work. So the choice was to sell it. My ex-wife got it in her head that she could get the house sold through a real estate agent and get us more money. I told her she has a month to do it. If she couldn’t get rid of the house by then, we should go with the Florida cash home buyer. What do you know? A month came and went and the house was still on the market. They asked way too much and my wife put in a bunch of repairs necessary. I didn’t split the repairs and that was a big beef between us. The cash home buyer just bought the house as in. He didn’t even want tus to stage it. No hidden fees or anything either. It was quick, easy, and the best thing about my divorce honestly.
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