The attorney told us to sell the property for money

My spouse plus I inherited a home from our family member.

My associate and I were not expecting to receive the property, which is located in Jacksonville, FL.

My spouse plus I live in the state of Maine, about 1500 miles away from the property in Jacksonville, FL. Neither one of us wanted to sell our property plus transfer down south. My associate and I spoke with a real estate attorney to find out if we had any good options. The real estate attorney commanded selling the property fast for money. My spouse plus I didn’t know anyone in Jacksonville, FL, however the real estate attorney was undoubtedly helpful. The real estate attorney found a money buyer for the house. The buyer was located in GA, however they were looking to relocate to Duval county. The money buyer gave a satisfactory amount of money for the Jacksonville property. It was about a third of what I felt the home would fetch, however we didn’t have to pay many fees. My associate and I saved a ton of money not using a realtor. The lawyer took a small fee plus we still had $76,000. My associate and I didn’t make a fortune, however it was really easy to offload the home using a money buyer. I’m thrilled that the attorney commanded selling the property fast for money, because I would not have thought about that particular option. I was ready to find a home management supplier to handle the property repairs plus then I was going to rent it out to a local couple. I’m much happier being done with the home altogether.

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