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Before my nice friend and I lived in the country, my nice friend and I lived right outside of the neighborhood for several years… One of our greatest reasons for moving, was because my nice friend and I could not kneel all the construction going on around us; My buddy and I thought my nice friend and I had been far enough outside of the neighborhood to not worry about developments and all the new shopping areas, however unfortunately, my nice friend and I were wrong.

  • 10 acres of field had just been bought to put houses on, and they were going to be within 100 yards of where he lived, however highways were being constructed, that were once just small country roads; The county had hired a company to build the highway, and only looked at the fact that they gave the lowest bid, within six months after the highway was finished, they had to redo it again, people were going down the highway, and getting their tires destroyed by the stainless bar ties that were coming up through the concrete, but apparently they had not done the rebar properly, because after winter all of the rebar with the bar ties was coming up through the road, however i’m not sure who their business was, or who the engineer was who made the plans for this road, however it was a hazard! Between slashed tires, and broken undercarriage is from the uneven roadway and the stainless bar ties and rebar coming up through, everyone was trying to find a route around that highway; Five years after they finished the roadway for the second time, my nice friend and I had a certainly frosty and icy winter.

When the ice melted, the road began to heave again, and the rebar was once again out. This time the county hired a well-known company to do their highways.

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