The causeway down the street needed rebar repairs

I moved out to the coast because I hated living in the swampy areas towards the inland part of the state.

Sure it’s cheaper to live out there and you don’t have so many people around you on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t wish that world on anyone.

I’m happy to no longer be residing in the rural wasteland. It was next to impossible to keep bugs and insects out of your house, even with the best pesticides and bug traps. There are so many ants, roaches, and spiders outside that they’ll find their way inside one way or another. I used to put out those little bug traps that you find at the grocery store, but they did next to nothing. Whenever I wanted to put garbage cans outside instead of leaving them in my garage, it was a real battle trying to keep the raccoons out. Eventually I devised a method of using bungee cords to prevent the raccoons from getting inside. Now that I’m living near the coast, I drive down this old causeway to and from work everyday. I noticed recently that the city is doing repairs to old corroded rebar inside portions of the old causeway. After so many years rebar can get exposed to moisture that eventually finds its way deep inside concrete after being exposed to so much weather over years and decades worth of time. Thankfully the repairs don’t necessitate closing the causeway and should be completed by next week. They’re replacing the affected rebar with stainless steel rebar tie wire.


14 gauge double loop wire ties