The new guy fed the wrong gauge into the machine

We always have problems when a new guy starts working at the plants.

I have to train the guy and he usually doesn’t know anything at all about working with metal.

It can be very dangerous to work with metal, especially if you aren’t being careful. Every person in the plant has to wear protective clothing on their eyes and their hands. A few years ago I had metal shavings in my eye and I had to go to the hospital. Since then, nobody is allowed on the floor without safety goggles. I was working with the new guy on a machine that makes chain link fences. We have to feed rebar tie wire into the machine at several different places. The machine uses the rebar tie wire to make the pieces of chain link fence. We were working with 16 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire. All of the 16 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire was sitting in a large bin next to the machine. Still, the new guy grabbed one of the 20 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wires and tried to feed it into the machine. Of course it was too big to fit into the hole, so the guy tried to jam it into the machine. The machine stopped working and production was shut down for 20 minutes while we figured out how to get the rebar out of the machine. The new guy took lunch while we worked on the issue. When he came back, I made sure that he knew the problem was all his fault.

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