They bought my nearly condemned house

My ex-hubby is sort of insane.

I knew splitting up with him was going to be a disaster.

It was a miracle that I managed to sneak out all my furniture as well as clothing without him noticing. After I issued a divorce, I did a restraining order as well as moved things along with the lawyers. When it turned out that I would get the apartment in the divorce, my hubby got even. She was residing in the place at the time as well as totally trashed it. She took a sledgehammer as well as put holes in the wall. She ripped up parts of the floor. She smashed lights. The worst was that she poured wet stone down the pipes in the dining room as well as the lavatories. I sued him for a ton of money as well as won. However, I still had a apartment with extensive detriment to sell. I realized that I didn’t want to get into a plumbing desire as well as remodel project like this one. So I started looking for someone who would buy my apartment for money. I figured a money deal as well as as her condition was the best I could do. I divulged everything with it. I was upfront about the plumbing as well as condition of the home. I was happy that the Florida apartment buyer wasn’t deterred at all. The girl was willing to tackle that big project. All the plumbing would need to be removed as well as redone. The electricity would have to be replaced. The drywall as well as flooring fixed up. It would be costly for that lady. I was downright shocked anyone was willing to take that house.

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