This is a tough product to find

One thing that I have noticed about toiling within our parks system here in our state is that you never suppose what’s going to happen next.Most of the time, I appreciate that about our job, and it means that nothing ever absolutely gets boring, but there is always something unusual happening every single day.

I am personally in charge of 100 acres of park land here in our section of the state, then one thing that I end up doing correctly is driving around on our four wheeler to make sure that all of the fencing that encloses our property is intact, however every one of us always have to make sure that the fencing is holding up and that it’s not disfigured from something appreciate high winds or creatures, you would not know how many times I have had to repair a fence because of a raccoon or another small creature, and anyway, one of the things that I have to do a lot is repair fences and if I did not have the double loop ties that I use on the job, I would never be able to repair fences all the time.

Every one of us use stainless steel double loop wire ties for tying up fences whenever they are disfigured. These stainless steel double loop wire ties are super pressing to our job. If I did not have them on me or in our bag, I would spend all of our time going back and forth to the shop several times a day to split wire to mend fence posts, luckily for me, these rebar wire ties are handy and accessible.

16g black annealed rebar tie wire