We used a local Jacksonville air freight broker to help our delivery

My partner and I spent more than 2 years in the military, however when my pal and I were out of the country, my pal and I were gone for almost 10 years, during that time my pal and I purchased a car.

When my pal and I moved back to the states, my pal and I wanted to bring the car, and it had a ton of passionate value to us and my pal and I did not want to part with it, but my fantastic friend and I tried figuring out the process on our own, but the purple tape was crazy. My fantastic friend and I had a lot of concerns getting the car home, so my pal and I decided to enlist the help of a Jacksonville air freight broker, and air freight brokers can help coordinate the movement of goods like vehicles, animals, or antiques. My fantastic friend and I contacted a Jacksonville air freight broker to get more information and they asked us a lot of different questions… They wanted information about our car like the make, model, weight, and dimensions. They spoke with us about our budget and time frame and my pal and I had to provide the air freight broker with documentation proving that the car was ours and that it met all of the customs requirements. The paper labor took a couple of mornings to prepare, but my pal and I sent everything through fax. The air freight broker simplified the process a fantastic deal and made the process almost simple. I thought my pal and I were going to have to sell our car, but the Jacksonville air freight broker helped us get the car home. I would suggest using an air freight broker to anyone living overseas. It sure made my life a lot easier.



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