We were at a baseball tournament

Earlier today we were at a baseball tournament and I started talking to one of the maintenance guys while we were waiting for our team to start playing. My husband always says that I will talk to anyone and I guess he’s probably right. I’m just friendly like that. Anyway I was talking to this guy who was walking around the fields with his little bag full of tools and supplies. He has a golf cart, because the sports complex that we were playing on is absolutely enormous. There are 32 different baseball fields on it and he has to take care of the fencing and the turf on every single one of them. I asked him what he had to do all day, and he showed me these things that he was carrying around with him in his bag. They were little pre-cut pieces of galvanized stainless steel wire ties and he had a whole bunch of them. He showed me what he was doing with them, and it was something that I had never even noticed before. On all of the chain link fencing around the baseball fields, there are dozens and dozens of these little wire ties on each section holding the fence to the fence posts. I did some quick math, and I realized that each 8 foot section of fencing has about two dozen of these galvanized stainless steel wire ties connecting them to the fence posts. My math skills don’t go that far, because I think there’s about 75 sections of fence for each ball field. It’s no wonder that he has to carry around these galvanized stainless steel wire ties with him because there’s no way that he could keep on top of the repairs otherwise. He said that anytime a fence breaks or gets damaged, he has to reattach it with one of those ties.

Zinc coated Wire ties