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  • We used a local Jacksonville air freight broker to get the car home

    My husband and I spent several years in the military. When we were out of the country, we were gone for almost 10 years. During that time we bought a car. When we moved back to the states, we wanted to bring the car. It had a ton of sentimental value to us and we […]

  • The attorney told us to sell the property for money

    My spouse plus I inherited a home from our family member. My associate and I were not expecting to receive the property, which is located in Jacksonville, FL. My spouse plus I live in the state of Maine, about 1500 miles away from the property in Jacksonville, FL. Neither one of us wanted to sell […]

  • I looked for real estate on the west side

    The westside of Jacksonville is undoubtedly diverse with lots of towns plus small communities. The westside of Jacksonville sits next to the St Johns river. The region contains many weird residential homes plus commercial businesses. It is a undoubtedly charming choice for professionals, families, plus staples. There are lots of weird housing possibilities in the […]

  • Jacksonville real estate prices are climbing

    My Dad plus dad own a couple of pieces of home in Jacksonville. None of the properties are located downtown; Right now those properties are just used for parking. The parking areas make a good amount of money, but I see a lot more potential for those areas. My Dad plus dad want to keep […]