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  • Property value increases

    When my husband and I decided to spend our winters down south, we began house hunting. We took the motorcycle, mapped the area we were most interested in and visited dozens of properties on the market. Sometimes we simply drove by to get a feel of the location and other times we enlisted the assistance […]

  • Upgrading to a new home

    My wife and I had been watching the real estate market in a specific area for nearly five years before we found a house we liked and within our price range. We were looking for property along the riverfront. We wanted a significant amount of square footage within the home as well as outdoor lawn […]

  • The supply lines on rebar tie wire are backed up regardless of the kind and size

    The COVID-19 pandemic took a massive hit on many different industries, with some still reeling from the effects that started over two years ago. One of my closest friends decided to go back to college after struggling to survive as a full time waiter. A few years ago, he was making a killing working at […]

  • The causeway down the street needed rebar repairs

    I moved out to the coast because I hated living in the swampy areas towards the inland part of the state. Sure it’s cheaper to live out there and you don’t have so many people around you on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t wish that world on anyone. I’m happy to no longer be […]