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  • I love the lamp made out of rebar that I got from the art fair

    I started going to art fairs with my mom when I was five years old. Back then she sold these small angels made out of polymer clay and had a booth a handful of times before giving it up. Despite falling out of hosting her own craft booth, she never stopped going to these art […]

  • My cousin tried to build a concrete block shed but forgot to use rebar for reinforcement

    I like to drive down to my cousin’s house once or twice a week to share a beer. Since his house is in a close neighborhood, the drive takes about 10 minutes during the busiest times of the day and only five minutes in the middle of the night when the roads are dead. My […]

  • Choosing the right gauge of rebar tie wire for each job

    Don’t rush the planning stages when you’re building something, regardless of whether or not it’s as simple as a bookshelf or as big and complex as a house. You aren’t merely making sure your measurements are correct, you’re also making sure you’re using the right materials in the first place. If your project involves wood […]

  • I had some shavings in my eye

    It is dangerous to work in a metal shop. There is always a danger of problems occurring. I was training a current woman Last month plus I ended up with metal shavings in my eye. I was training the woman on how to feed wire through the double loop tie wire machine. Every one of […]