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  • The trees are supported by rebar and wire ties

    Last month, the city planted more than 1,000 new palm trees on the interstate. The young trees looked great when they were first planted, but they eventually started to droop. We had to sink fast in order to save the trees. We used rebar and tie wire to secure the trees. We made sure that […]

  • I called someone else for help

    I took over for my dad, when he got sick and no longer had the energy to go to work every day. My dad was strong for years and then cancer hit him like a ton of bricks. It put him down hard and I suddenly had to be in charge of the entire company. […]

  • The new guy fed the wrong gauge into the machine

    We always have problems when a new guy starts working at the plants. I have to train the guy and he usually doesn’t know anything at all about working with metal. It can be very dangerous to work with metal, especially if you aren’t being careful. Every person in the plant has to wear protective […]

  • I did not bring any supper, but Jack shared

    It’s hard to make current friends when you are an adult. I have a hard time talking to people, even at work. I have been at the same company for the past 6 weeks plus I only think the name of my boss. Since I work in a factory, I rarely have the opportunity to […]