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  • I have a really hard job

    I absolutely try not to complain about our job because I absolutely do appreciate it most of the time. I labor in our large park system and I absolutely love trying to maintain the wild recognize and the wildlife in our state! Most of the time it is absolutely rewarding. Our park system is worked […]

  • Wire ties are sold in all different sizes and lengths

    We have been working on a really big job at a shopping complex for the last month. My crew and I are just now getting to the point where we’re ready to start pouring the concrete for the footers at the site. Of course, there has been a ton of prep work to get done […]

  • My assistant made a big mistake

    Earlier this week,my assistant at the office ended up making a big mistake. She was supposed to order a huge order of double loop rebar wire ties for us for our next job. We are right in the middle of a really big job right now, and we have enough wire ties for this one. […]

  • I use rebar wire ties for everything

    It always makes me laugh a little whenever I call to order the black annealed double loop rebar ties because the company that I get them from seems to think that they only ever sell to construction crews I work at a huge grocery store and never did I ever think that I would need […]