My assistant made a big mistake

Earlier this week,my assistant at the office ended up making a big mistake. She was supposed to order a huge order of double loop rebar wire ties for us for our next job. We are right in the middle of a really big job right now, and we have enough wire ties for this one. However, the next job starts first thing next week and since we’re in the middle of pouring concrete for this job, we are afraid that we are going to run out of the double loop wire ties that we need. Anyway, I had my assistant order the 16 gauge double loop rebar wire ties that we always use. I told her to order three bags of 5000 each because I thought that would be enough for this job. I even had her get them shipped to us overnight so that we would be sure to have them when we needed them so we could stay on schedule. Well, the company could not ship them to us that quickly because they did not have enough at the moment, so we had to wait for two days. That threw us off two more days. Then, when they did arrive, they sent 14 gauge double loop rebar ties instead of the 16 gauge ones that I wanted. I got really mad about it, but then I found out that it wasn’t the company’s fault at all. My assistant had actually made a big mistake and ordered the 14 gauge double loop rebar ties! It was her fault and I guess it was an honest mistake, but it really put us off of our schedule.
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