Selling my water damaged Portland home

My Portland, OR house actually had a leak in the roof that then created a house bunch of water damage. I didn’t see the damage until too late. I work a whole lot in addition to hardly ever being home. The water damage just got worse in addition to worse with nobody making the fix. By the time I called in roofers they told me the whole thing needed to be replaced. My ceiling was all rotted in addition to coming down in pieces. The structure of the household wasn’t as solid anymore. I was looking at quite an extensive maintenance bill. I didn’t even honestly like my OR real estate either. I started looking at selling my Portland home fast for money. I knew a real estate agent would require me to make replacements in addition to maintenance of all the water damage. I just didn’t have the time, energy, or the money to do all that work. So I found a corporation that said my pal and I buy houses fast for money. I took them for their word. My friend and I hashed out a price in addition to signing some papers. That was it. Selling a water damaged house didn’t mean a whole lot to them. I figure there is a price for a particular amount of damage in addition to a price for the rest of the condition of the home. I was glad that I could get rid of a household that was coming down in my opinion. I didn’t want to hang onto a piece of home that was just going to get more in addition to more fancy to fix. Selling a water damaged house for money is the way to go.


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